Treetop Corner (sleeps 2-4 guests)

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Treetop Corner

Treetop Corner is located on the top floor of the Fernwood Guest House. Wake up to the view of trees and open sky each morning while enjoying the highest level of comfort. 2 Separate Rooms. 1 Queen Bed. 1 Double-Sized Bed. 1 Full Bathroom. Unique Amenities: Guests will enjoy access to the living room, dining room and fully equipped kitchen as an extension of their private room. Fully equipped commuter bikes and laundry facilities are also available upon request. Continental Breakfast: Our properties are not licensed to prepare meals. We offer a variety of self-serve items including organic coffee and teas, organic raisin bread, oatmeal with dried fruit toppings, granola bars, Greek yogurt and fresh organic fruit. Cancellation Policies Regular season: Oct 1 – April 30  – 14-days before arrival Peak Season: May 1 – Sept 31 – 30-day before arrival  
Once again we enjoyed a thoughtfully prepared paradise that was even better than anticipated. Not one of us has stayed in a vacation home nicer than this. The home and garden made us feel surrounded by elegance and comfort. Each girl slept well in her cocoon of luxury and we couldn’t stop admiring all the was provided to make each guest happy. Thank you!

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