Property Owner Testimonials

Welcome perspective property owner clients!

Our mission is to provide our guests with unique, private, clean and comfortable home-like lodging options and maximize revenue for our client property owners using their existing real estate assets.

Guest reviews can be found within each rental location page.

Creekside Cottage

Three years ago I was approached by Alexandra Eder about renting our family guest cottage; which is a separate building located in our back yard.  She convinced me that with a little updating it could become a good source of extra income without a lot of work on my part.  It took a little monetary outlay, from us, to meet her standards for bedding, furniture and general ambiance to appeal to visitors which she assured me we would recoup after our VRBO listing was up and running. Alexandra handles all communication from the prospective renters plus advertising and payment processing.  Our work entails washing the towels, stocking the breakfast bar and the daily upkeep of the property. Housekeeping comes in after guests leave and the sheets are sent out to be laundered. We have a large yard with many perineal flowers for the guests and their dogs to enjoy. Now in our fourth year of operation, we have doubled our business with many returning renters.  My husband enjoys visiting with guests when they are roaming the yard, but often we don’t even see them as they come and go.  We recovered our initial investment the first year and have made furniture improvements.  I can honestly say that it has been a win-win situation for us.

Jim and Fifi Anderson, Creekside Cottage – 2015 – Present

Country Stay

Alexandra took full responsibility for presenting out farmhouse as a first-class vacation rental.
Always professional and responsive. Thank you, Alexandra!

Denis and Sydney P.,  Country Stay  — April 2017 – November 2018

Norwood Drive Flat Living Room

For years I’ve considered using the unused, furnished area in the lower level of my home, either as a long-term rental unit or as a short-term rental for visiting professors but didn’t have the time necessary for the management required for short-term rentals and didn’t want a permanent tenant. A friend told me about her experience affiliating with Fernwood Circle Guest Houses, and after hearing the services provided for owners and guests, I also joined. Alexandra helped me get my flat ready for guests, painting where necessary, adding/subtracting furniture, bedding, etc., and touching up the yard……everything necessary to make my property conform to the brand standard set for Fernwood Circle Guest Houses.

Alexandra does everything required to attract guests to the property via her very professional and effective website, screens guests, negotiates rates, does the required bookkeeping, checks guests in when they arrive, and arranges for housekeeping when they depart. I sometimes interact with guests but am not required to be on hand. I do provide breakfast items, replenish cleaning supplies, and launder towels when guests leave.

This venture has allowed me to earn investment income without making an additional real estate investment, provided a tax write off for many expenses associated with home ownership, and allowed me to retain the use of my home when I want to entertain family and friends. All in all, this business model works very well for me and has provided a very positive experience.

Meredith Baughman, Norwood Drive Flat – May 2014 – Present

Westwood Studio Living Room

Fernwood Circle guests can depend on friendly, professional treatment for the entire guest stay cycle because of Alexandra Eder’s inclusive and comprehensive plan for short-term rental owners. She has designed a system, for her affiliated guest house owners; so that guests know they will find all they need to make their visit comfortable and enjoyable. This is evident by their loyalty to Fernwood Circle Guest Houses!

Alexandra manages much of the effort it takes to provide short-term rentals for her owner clients.  She attends to so many of the details such as interfacing with the guests, contracting with cleaning staff, keeping up with bookkeeping, and coaching you, the owner, on the fine points of making your property desirable. Because of her extensive marketing program and project management on behalf of your rental property, you can count on dependable bookings without the hassle of doing it on your own. It’s so much easier, more effective, and saves much precious time!  I highly recommend that you take advantage of her organized management plan.

Carolyn Madsen, Westwood Studio – June 2014 – Present