Guide to Traveling With Your Dog to Corvallis

If you are a dog lover planning to visit Corvallis with your furry friend, you may be interested in a few pointers on traveling with your dog to Corvallis and the Willamette Valley.

Corvallis and the State of Oregon are pet-friendly since many local residents love their dogs. Most businesses in Corvallis also take their ADA responsibilities seriously and welcome service dogs. If you are traveling with a service dog, traveling in Corvallis should be a breeze. However, if you are traveling with a pet, you may encounter a few more challenges.


Outdoor swim events are fun when traveling with your dog to Corvallis

The Osborn Aquatic Center hosts an annual dog swimming event. Photo courtesy of Pixabay.

Dog-friendly Activities in Corvallis

Swim and Play in an Outdoor Pool

If you happen to visit Corvallis in the fall, the Osborn Aquatic Center hosts an annual Osborn’s Dog Day when they drain the outdoor pool. During this popular event, your dog can swim and play in the outdoor pool.

Bring Your Dog to a Winery

Corvallis is near several Willamette Valley wineries. During the Spring and Summer, tasting rooms are open and many of the wineries have outdoor picnic tables. Dogs are often allowed in the outdoor seating area, but some may not allow dogs at large events depending on the winery’s policies and the type of event. We published a guide to wineries near Corvallis, feel free to reach out to the wineries to check on their current policies.

Visit an Outdoor Pub

Some of Corvallis’ outdoor pubs, such as Common Fields, often allow pets at their events including Trivia nights, comedy shows, and live music. Check listings or call to confirm.

Other Corvallis Events

Many large public events only allow service animals including most Oregon State University sporting events. Check your ticket or the event’s website to check to see whether you may bring your pet. 

Traveling with your Dogs at Common Fields

Pet dogs are welcome at Common Fields food truck pod. Photo contributed by Common Fields.

Pet-friendly Restaurants in Corvallis Oregon

The Oregon Health Authority only allows service animals inside restaurants due to balancing public health needs with accessibility. However, many Corvallis restaurants and pubs do allow pets in their outside seating as allowed by the OHA.

Like other cities, during the COVID-19 pandemic, many Corvallis restaurants expanded their outside seating into their parking lot or sidewalk including adding covered seating. This outdoor seating also opened up dining options for people who prefer to go out with their dogs. Many of these restaurants welcome pets in their outdoor area, but feel free to ask if you are unsure. Chances are you will see other pooches sitting outside with their human pals.

We just want to mention a few restaurants or pubs that may be of special interest to dog owners.

Common Fields Food Truck Pod and Tap House

Common Fields is a great destination if you are interested in bringing your dog while you eat out or enjoy a local craft beverage. This enclosed food truck pod and pub was designed to be both family-friendly and pet friendly. Locals enjoy it year-round due to the heated seats, covered tables, and outdoor firepits. It is also a fun option when dining out with a group of people who have different dietary preferences. Common Fields Food Truck Pod and Tap Room are located at 545 SW 3rd ST, Corvallis, OR 97330 and their phone number is 541-690-2940.

Traveling with your dog is fun once you know which restaurants and activities are pet-friendly. Photo contributed by Common Fields.


2 Towns Ciderhouse

Local craft cidery 2 Towns Ciderhouse advertises that their patio seating is “pup-friendly.” Enjoy craft beverages, board games, and pub snacks on their patio. They are located at 33930 E Eastgate Circle, Corvallis Oregon 97330, phone 511-227-4015.

Treebeerd’s Taphouse

Located in downtown Corvallis, Treebeerd’s Taphouse invites guests to sit with their dogs in their outdoor picnic table seating. They have a rotating tap of 34 craft beers and beverages, serve pub snacks, and have a meal service partnership with two nearby restaurants Magenta and American Dream Pizza. Both Magenta and American Dream Pizza are local favorites. Between them, you are spoiled for choice whether you crave gourmet pizza or an assortment of delicious Asian fusion small plates. Treebeerd’s Tap House is located at 201 SW Second ST, Corvallis, OR 97333 and their phone number is 541-730-5622.

Dogs in Corvallis Parks

Most Corvallis parks are dog friendly with a few notable exceptions. No trip is complete without exploring a park with off-leash areas with your dog. Here are a few options for parks you may explore with your pet.

Corvallis Dog Park

We shouldn’t list dog-friendly parks without starting with the Corvallis Dog Park. It’s conveniently located downtown under the bridge next to the Corvallis Skate Park. Your furry friend can run off-leash within the fenced area and socialize with other dogs. Be aware, when it is rainy, your dog may get dirty or muddy frolicking in this park. This park is at 205 SW B Ave, Corvallis, OR, US, 97333.

Other parks with off-leash areas include:

  • Bald Hill Park, the only off-leash areas are north and west of the wood barn
  • Chip Ross Park, the entire park is off-leash 
  • Martin Luther King Jr. Park, the open fields south of the multi-modal path are off-leash with the exception of the ball fields 
  • Willamette Park, the entire park is off-leash except for the sports fields, children’s playground, and shelter areas 
  • Woodland Meadow Park, the off-leash area is west side of the park only 
  • Crystal Lake Sports Fields allows dogs off-leash seasonally on turf areas until 2 weeks prior to sport season. (Sometime in March/April these areas change for the season to on-leash only). Dogs must always be on a leash near the boat ramp.

Corvallis has several city parks that do not allow dogs. Primarily, these are the smaller parks with children’s playgrounds. Here is a list, but check the Corvallis Parks and Recreation website for updates:

  • Central Park 
  • Chintimini Park 
  • Franklin Square Park 
  • Lily Park 
  • Washington Park (dogs are prohibited in the playground area only, but otherwise allowed on leash) 

Other Natural Areas to Explore With Your Dog

Other dog-friendly natural spaces include state and national parks, publically accessible Oregon State University’s research forests, and a few other spaces where the public is welcome. Be sure to check current listings for any seasonal guidelines or changes.

  • Peavy Arboretum is a hikeable research forest owned by OSU.
  • Siuslaw National Forest and Mary’s Peak offers the highest vantage point in the Oregon Coast mountain range and is an excellent place to hike with your dog.
  • Like Peavy Arboretum, you may also hike with your dog at OSU McDonald-Dunn Research Forests
  • Irish Bend Covered Bridge isn’t a park, but it is a popular landmark near Oregon State University and a nice place to walk your dog.
  • Finton Green is another forested area that is popular with locals who love to trail run, cycle, walk their dog or hike in the area. It is owned by Greenbelt Land Trust, but the public are welcome.
  • The central Oregon Coast is just a scenic drive away. In less than an hour you can visit dog friendly beaches and explore the Pacific Ocean.

Be aware that some of the forested areas have other wildlife including cougars so always pay attention to your surroundings and check the message boards near the parking lot for warnings or alerts. We also previously published a guide to hiking and cycling in the area and many of the locations mentioned are dog friendly.

After hiking or visiting a park, consider relaxing for an outdoor lunch or drink. Photo contributed by Common Fields.

Pet Friendly Bed and Breakfast Accommodations in Corvallis?

Fernwood Circle Guest Houses Corvallis vacation rentals include some pet-friendly options. Our guest houses are stand-alone residential homes in real Corvallis neighborhoods.

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Since each home is different, the amenities and rules vary by the property. All of our short-term rentals include outdoor spaces like yards or patios, high-speed wifi, home-style laundry facilities, comfortable beds, and more. When traveling to Corvallis with your dog, look for pet friendly accommodations such as Creekside Cottage and others. 

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Traveling to Corvallis With Your Dog

Be aware that Corvallis requires dog owners to clean up after their dogs per Municipal Code Bring baggies and supplies with you whenever you go out with your dog. Most local dog owners consistently follow this rule, which keeps the paths and parks clean.

The City of Corvallis also requests that you display license, vaccination, and owner contact information tags on your dog’s collar when you are out enjoying the parks and the city. By including your contact information you make it easier for others to reunite you and your dog if it happens to run away or get lost.

Creekside Cottage Rental

Each guest house we manage is privately owned with its own set of policies. Some are pet-friendly such as the Creekside Cottage vacation rental.

Pet Emergency Resources

The best way to minimize the risk or impact is to prepare before your trip. The American Veterinary Medical Association has a few tips for any pet owner preparing to travel with their pet.

  • Schedule your pet’s health check or physical before you go if your pet is due for an exam.
  • Have your dog wear a collar that includes a tag with your contact information including your mobile phone so anyone who finds your pet can immediately contact you.
  • Pack a travel pet first aid kit (details below).
  • Enter a few emergency contacts into your cell phone (more details below).

The American Veterinary Medical Association recommends that pet owners assemble a small pet first aid kit to keep at home and that they also assemble a kit to travel with. This AVMA brochure outlines the contents of this first aid kit and pet first aid techniques. The recommended the travel first aid kit should contain include:

  • A copy of your pet’s medical and vaccination records
  • Contact information for your pet’s regular veterinarian
  • A clean towel
  • A digital thermometer
  • A spare leash and collar as well as a muzzle
  • Bandages and clean gauze rolls
  • An eyedropper and saline solution
  • A set of pet-friendly medications described in the brochure and any others that your veterinarian recommends for your pet

Enter a few emergency numbers into your phone’s contacts including the national animal poison control hotline 888-426-4235. Also, enter a couple of veterinary practices’ phone numbers and addresses into your phone.

Emergency Veterinary Care

If you need to take your pet to a veterinarian for emergency care, there are a few veterinary practices that offer emergency services. If you happen to have local friends and family, they may know of others. As a starting point, here are a couple of local resources:

  • Corvallis Veterinary Hospital, 1562 SW 3rd ST. Corvallis, Oregon 97333, Phone: (541) 753-2223
  • Willamette Veterinary Hospital, 1562 SW 3rd St. Corvallis, Oregon 97333, 24-hour emergency care phone: 541-753-2223

What to Do if Your Pet Gets Lost

In addition to looking for your dog, check local resources since local residents frequently help reunite lost dogs and their owners.

Concerned residents frequently post on the Corvallis People Facebook Group about pets they found. This is a good place to check while you look for your lost pet.

Also, contact the Heartland Humane Society animal shelter in case someone brought your pet there. Although they will try to contact you if your pet is chipped or has a tag, proactively calling them might help you reunite with your pet faster. Their phone number is 541-757-9000, ext. 0 (zero). They also maintain a found pets website.

Staying in Corvallis

We hope this guide helps you prepare to visit Corvallis with your pet. Corvallis is a pet-friendly city and so many residents are animal lovers. Still, traveling with pets requires extra planning as each city and state has its own set of regulations.

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