When you plan your next vacation rental in Corvallis, OR, consider booking your lodging directly rather than using an online travel agency like Tripadvisor or Airbnb. When you cut the middle-platform you enjoy seamless communication with the host, save money on fees and directly support an independent business.

Top Three Reasons to Book Your Vacation Rental or Corvallis Business Travel Directly

1. Enjoy Seamless Communication for a More Memorable Stay

When you engage your vacation or business travel rental manager directly you may receive better service. Of course, we always strive to offer the best experience to all of our guests whether they book directly or through a third-party platform. Communication is just usually more efficient when the guest contacts us directly.

In addition, many vacation rental hosts hold back available listings from Airbnb and other booking sites. If you are planning a trip to Corvallis during peak times like OSU Graduation, Beaver football season, or Spring Parents Weekend you may find that some rooms were reserved as soon as they are available. By communicating directly with the host, you have an even better chance of finding a great place to stay with the amenities that make you feel at home.

Finally, your local host knows the community and is able to make personalized recommendations for the best hiking trails, golf courses, restaurants, or whatever else you enjoy. While we happily make such recommendations to our platform guests when they ask, sometimes it just spontaneously happens when communicating with a guest who is booking directly.

2. Save Money on Service Fees

Without a doubt, third-party booking apps, like VRBO, are convenient and easy. When visiting an unfamiliar town it can be comforting to use a familiar interface and to do business with a known entity. However, many travelers don’t realize how much of what they pay goes to the platform.

Booking directly saves money. For example, Airbnb charges a host fee and a guest services fee on top of the cost of your vacation rental and applicable taxes.

Often, this added service fee is enough to cover a restaurant meal or an activity like a visit to a local attraction. Any time you book using an online travel agency, you pay an extra fee since that is typically how the platforms like VRBO and Airbnb monetize. While the convenience and security of a platform have value, for repeat visits many travelers find that when they book their next stay directly they not only save money but they have a more personal experience.

3. Support Small Businesses and the Community You Visit

In recent years, there has been a movement of savvy consumers who choose to support local products and services. Small, independent businesses are then able to spend more in their local economy as an employer, taxpayer, and consumer. They are also likely to give back to the community they love in various ways. One frequently cited economic study estimated that a local, small business is likely to spend $68 out of every $100 earned than a national chain or online platform.

The reasoning behind the buy local movement in many ways parallels why it is also beneficial to buy directly from small businesses when visiting another community. As a small business Fernwood Circle Guesthouses, contributes to the Corvallis-area local economy and community. In Northwest Oregon, the leisure and hospitality industries are the sources of over 17% of all jobs. Visitors spend $1.56 billion each year. By supporting smaller businesses over big-box brands, more of this money enhances the quality of life and local amenities enjoyed by both visitors and residents.

Corvallis visitors are charmed by the vibrant downtown, abundant parks, and beautiful campus area. They often feel like Corvallis is their second community. Small, local, independent businesses contribute to the unique vibe found downtown and on Monroe Street adjacent to the OSU campus. Their tax revenue also allows the city to maintain beautiful parks, open spaces, public recreation facilities, and hiking and biking trails. By supporting local businesses while you visit, you help ensure that the Corvallis community remains a special place to visit.

Next time you plan to visit Corvallis, consider booking directly instead of searching for “VRBO Corvallis” or “Corvallis Airbnb.” Not only do you save on fees, but you also enjoy a personalized experience. Use our direct booking form or contact Alexandra with any questions.

Self serve continental style breakfast at your Corvallis vacation rental

We provide self-serve continental style breakfast at each of our business and vacation rentals in Corvallis.

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