Exploring Corvallis by Bicycle

If you are an avid cyclist then you will love visiting Corvallis, Oregon. Locals ride bicycles every day for fitness, recreation, or transportation. Sometimes people who book one of our short stay or extended stay vacation rentals ask us about bicycling in the area and we are always happy to help our guests find things to do in Corvallis.

Fernwood guest bicycling in Corvallis

A Fernwood Circle guest and avid cyclist explores the Corvallis-area. Thank you Jan and Elaine for contributing photos!

Corvallis is a bicyclist’s dream thanks to its compact size, an abundance of city parks, and network of bike lanes. In fact, this network of bike lanes and shared-use paths link around 97% of the city’s streets, according to the City of Corvallis. 

The League of American Bicyclists awarded the City of Corvallis a “Gold medal” for bicycle-friendliness in 2003 and the city achieved and maintained the bike-friendly city award ever since. Oregon State University also received a gold medal for being a bicycle-friendly campus.  

scenic views cycling in the Willamette Valley

Jan and Elaine enjoyed scenic views while riding their bikes in the Willamette Valley.

Why Corvallis is So VERY Bicycle Friendly

The City of Corvallis covers a compact 14 square miles which makes it easy to get around using alternative transportation like cycling compared to a more sprawling city. 

In addition, the city has a history of taking proactive measures to promote active recreation and transportation. In 1971, Corvallis first formed the Citizens Advisory Commission on Bicycles. 

a family enjoys bicycling in Corvallis

Cycling is a perfect way to enjoy time with your family. Thank you Katherine for sharing photos of your family’s Corvallis adventures!

Since Corvallis is easy to get around by bike, many residents ride to work or school every day. In fact, Corvallis was ranked the third-highest small city in the US for bicycle commuters following Davis, California, and Key West, Florida, according to the US Census Bureau. 

Visitors and locals enjoy bicycling for fitness and recreation. From Fernwood Circle properties in town, it is relatively easy to access downtown and the OSU campus via bike paths. From our properties in the country, you may access scenic paths that link to popular destinations.  

Corvallis and Benton County contain hundreds of acres of parks and publicly accessible open spaces many of which contain trails ranging from casual cycling and more intense mountain biking. Whether you want to enjoy a casual ride around town or a vigorous outdoor adventure, there are options! 

Due to the popularity of cycling, many local businesses have bike racks in their parking lots where you can secure your bike. The Corvallis city bus system is free to riders and has bike racks making it easy to travel closer to just about any bicycle trail or path in the city. 

striking views from Corvallis bicycle trails

Another striking view from a Corvallis trail contributed by Katherine.

Renting a Bicycle in Corvallis

If you are planning to visit Corvallis for a short or extended stay, consider bringing your bicycle. Of course, that’s not always practical or possible. Luckily you can rent bicycles from a couple of local vendors.

  • Peak Sports offers rentals of bicycles as well as other outdoor recreation equipment including paddling and snow sports.
  • Corvallis Electric Bicycles sells e-bikes and they also rent them for blocks of time ranging from two hours to monthly.
  • Zagster Bike normally rents bicycles through their Pedal Corvallis program but it was paused in March 2020 due to COVID-19. Check current availability through their website. They have stations around town including the Downtown Corvallis Transit Station and their Weniger Hall Station on the OSU campus.

If you are relocating to Corvallis, there are numerous local businesses that offer bicycle repair services or who sell new or used bicycles. 

Irish Bend Covered Bridge in Corvallis

When riding your bike around Corvallis you may be delighted by sights like the Irish Bend Covered Bridge near Oregon State University.

Finding Bicycle Trails or Routes

Here are a few resources to help you plan a bike route within Corvallis:

  • Corvallis has a couple of clubs and organizations for cycling enthusiasts, these include the Corvallis Bicycle Collective and Mid-Valley Bicycle Club. The Mid-Valley Bicycle Club organizes weekly social bike rides around town, sometimes they pause their scheduled rides due to public health concerns but resume when they can. We recommend following their open Facebook group for the latest information and updates they haven’t published on their website. 
  • The City of Corvallis published a Corvallis and Benton County Bicycle Guide containing a map of trails and maps. Sometimes the map loads slowly, but a paper copy is also available through Visit Corvallis. 
  • All Trails provides a map and planned route covering the 12-mile Corvallis Bike Loop which travels along the Willamette River and Mary’s River and circles the entire town. 
  • All Trails also maps the popular local mountain biking route known as Dan’s Trail which is a 6.8-mile ride. 
  • Travel Oregon published a guide to bicycling in Oregon and includes routes in Corvallis as well as the Willamette Valley. 
  • Visit Corvallis also published a short guide to hiking and biking in Corvallis. 
cycling around the Willamette Valley

Cycling enthusiasts Jan Silverio and Sam Kaye enjoy bicycling in the Willamette Valley.

Making Corvallis Your Home Base for Your Bicycling Trip

Corvallis is a perfect “home base” for anyone who wants to explore the Willamette Valley’s outdoor recreation destinations. 

Due to its location in the heart of the valley, residents and guests can enjoy a variety of possible day trips within cycling distance. That isn’t even counting Corvallis’ own bike paths, parks, BMX park, and mountain biking trails. 

If you are planning to visit the Willamette Valley or the Corvallis-area, be sure to consider booking a vacation rental through Fernwood Circle Guest Houses. We offer comfortable, immaculately clean stand-alone homes with easy access to the city’s bicycle trails. 

Visit our booking page to find the perfect accommodation for your household! 

Extended Stay Vacation Rental

Fernwood Circles Guest Houses vacation rentals offer scenic views and access to Corvallis bicycling and multi-use trails. Pictured here: an areal view of our Highland Acres extended stay rental.