If you are planning to visit Corvallis for business, to see family or for pleasure then you may be wondering which activities and amenities are still available. You may be pleased to learn that outdoor recreation and many other amenities are available in ways that allow for physical and social distancing. Like other cities in Oregon, the Corvallis reopening follows a three-step phased plan.

Oregon’s Phased Reopening

The State of Oregon plans to reopen in three phases. The exact phase varies county by county depending on the extent that each county meets the state’s criteria. The counties apply for each phase and the state government approves or denies their request.

As of June 5, Corvallis and Benton County entered Phase Two. However, this remains fluid depending on how well the county continues to meet Phase Two benchmarks. Check the Reopening Oregon for the current status of any Oregon county you plan to visit.

During Phase Two businesses like retailers, restaurants, and recreation facilities may open provided they follow the state’s guidelines ensuring continued physical distancing among customers and a sanitized environment.

Activities You May Enjoy in Corvallis Reopening During Phase Two

Many outdoor recreation spaces reopened during Phase One and more are reopening throughout Phase Two. This means that you may enjoy Benton County’s golf courses, hiking trails, bicycle trails, rivers, lakes, and other open recreational spaces.

Restaurants and bars may be open until midnight for either dine-in or takeaway. Some Corvallis area restaurants will continue to offer curbside pickup services for those who prefer not to enter public places. Quality dining, wineries, and craft beverages are all available.

Indoor recreational facilities like gyms, bowling alleys, cinemas, and spas may reopen during this phase provided they can meet the state’s requirements and limit access to allow the appropriate space between users. Local, physically distanced gatherings up to 50 people are allowed up from the 25 allowed during Phase One.

Large public events like festivals, concerts, and sporting events that include more than 50 people are not yet allowed until the final Phase Three. According to the State of Oregon, Phase Three will happen after a reliable treatment or vaccine is available.

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Helping Benton County Move Towards Phase Three

The Oregon Health Authority asks everyone to follow the guidelines outlined in their infographic to minimize the spread of COVID-19 and to avoid returning to Phase One.

Oregon Health Authority infographic preventing COVID-19 spread

Health promotional infographic from the Oregon Health Authority.