About Corvallis Reopening and COVID-19

If you are planning to visit Corvallis for business, to see family or for pleasure then you may be wondering which activities and amenities are still available. You may be pleased to learn that outdoor recreation and many other amenities are available in ways that allow for physical and social distancing. Like other cities in Oregon, the Corvallis reopening follows [...]

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Planning a Road Trip to the Willamette Valley

The classic road trip is not only the most affordable way to enjoy a family vacation, it may also be the healthiest for those who want to maintain some degree of social distancing as they travel. As people stay closer to home, some prefer to visit places they can drive to within a day. If you live in the Pacific [...]

Tips on Relocating to Corvallis – Moving Beyond a Vacation Rental

Are you planning to move to Corvallis, Oregon? Congratulations! Many find that Corvallis has a friendly small-town vibe while still offering easy access to cultural events, great restaurants, and amenities one might expect in a larger city. Guests who stay at our vacation rentals enjoy making Corvallis their home base as they explore the Willamette Valley and the Oregon Coast. [...]

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Summertime Festivals In The Corvallis Area

If you are planning a visit to the mid-Willamette Valley, Corvallis is your perfect home base. During the summer there are plenty of festivals and things to do in the Corvallis area. Since Corvallis is in the heart of the valley, it is an easy drive to Albany, Salem, and the Oregon Coast. If you visit during one of [...]

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Planning is the key to making the most of your college visit to Oregon State University

Chances are, you only have a limited amount of time to explore the campus and the Corvallis community. Scheduling too many activities may result in a highly stressful experience that doesn’t offer a true picture of campus life. But no planning results in a missed opportunity. At Fernwood Circle Guest Houses, we meet many campus visitors who make us [...]

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How to Make the Most of Your College Tour at Oregon State University (Part 1)

Visiting colleges with a high school-aged child is exciting and challenging. College tours and visits offer an opportunity for quality bonding before your kid starts a new life as an adult. If Oregon State University is on the visit list, we would like to share tips on how to get the most out of your visit. As a parent, [...]

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Finding Comfortable Lodging Alternatives to a Hotel in Corvallis, Oregon

Whenever it is time to book a night away, whether for business or leisure, it is almost second-nature to start comparing hotel rooms. Hotels are great for trips abroad or treating ourselves to a luxury weekend away. However, they don't suit everyone, or every situation. The best Corvallis hotels for tourists may lie close to attractions and nightlife, but [...]

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