Are you thinking of renting your vacant, upscale Corvallis home as an Airbnb or VRBO vacation rental? Fernwood Circle Property Management offers full-service vacation rental management services.

 Check out our video interview featuring a few of the property owners who trust Fernwood Circles Property Management to manage their vacation rental and generate income for them. 

Hiring Fernwood Circle Property Management to Manage Your Corvallis Vacation Rental Property

For more information, visit the Fernwood Circle Property Management website or contact Alexandra Eder.

Video Transcript: Working with Fernwood Circle Property Management


Alexandra Eder, Mark Thiele, Jim Anderson, Becky Thiele, Felicia Anderson, Joe Harmon

00:02 Alexandra Eder, Licensed Property Manager, Fernwood Circle Property Management  

So Fernwood Circle Property Management is officially the first vacation rental focused property management company in Corvallis. We specialize in upscale furnished rentals. So our goal is to provide a clean, comfortable setting for travelers, business and family to stay in while they’re visiting the area.


00:24 Felicia Anderson, Corvallis Property Owner 

We’ve had wonderful people, and we have a lot of returning guests. And so it’s been a great experience. Wouldn’t you agree?


00:32 Jim Anderson, Corvallis Property Owner  

Yes, I agree 100% with that.


00:34 Alexandra Eder  

We also offer extended stay properties. So a minimum of 30 days, our occupancy speaks for itself. People that stay with us are happy with our properties. Our clients are happy and we’re happy. (Laughter)


00:50 Jim Anderson  

If you have some problem or need something changed. She just jumps on it right now and gets after it and makes it work. And she’s very pleasant to work with. She’s basically just a nice person.


01:03 Alexandra Eder  

One of the benefits of working with Fernwood Circle Property Management is that we have all those systems in place. We drive traffic to our website, when you go to Airbnb and the VRBO sites, you’re paying 14 to 22% fee to make a reservation on that system. And when a guest stays with us, guests don’t pay those extra processing fees.


01:24 Joe Harmon, Corvallis Property Owner    

The key with all property management, in my opinion is number one, marketing it and number two, taking care of it. And they do both. I’m out of state and my other family members are out of town. So it’s nice to have somebody right there on site to deal with virtually everything. You know, they have a lot of extra bells and whistles that Fernwood Circle and it takes… Takes a lot of management and time. So they’re very hands on.


01:50 Alexandra Eder  

With short term properties. It takes about six to nine months to get the Google reviews so that people have a reference for the experience others had. After about 12 to 16 months, clients can expect the visibility on the web and sort of an ongoing revenue stream.


02:12 Mark Thiele, Corvallis Property Owner      

We were looking for somebody that had the full package. Somebody that could manage it for us and somebody that was going to help us through the buying process of the property all the way through setting it up for rental and getting started.


02:31 Becky Thiele, Corvallis Property Owner      

We really trusted her expertise of the clientele and the area to make the whole thing work for us.


02:40 Mark Thiele 

We are a house in a cul de sac with neighbors we have kids next door to us on both sides of the house. So we’re looking for a clientele that is going to be respectful of my neighborhood and respectful the neighbors in the neighborhood.


02:56 Felicia Anderson  

It really is always above and beyond I’ve never had any qualms about anything being taken care of. She has a great contact with the guests. She keeps in touch with them through texts and calls and we’re just been so happy with everything.


03:11 Joe Harmon  

Flexibility is really important and that’s… That’s what we’re getting from Fernwood Circle.


To read about other FCPM clients experiences, visit the testimonial page at  Fernwood Circle Property Management website.