Holidays with family and friends are among life’s greatest joys.

When you visit relatives in Corvallis, it is easy to overlook the vibrant community and natural surrounding since you are busy catching up with your loved ones.

Try these tips to help you make the most of your visit to Corvallis this holiday season.

Three Ways To Make The Most Of Visiting Corvallis Relatives Over The Holidays.

1. Free Things To Do In Corvallis Oregon

Don’t let expenses ruin your holiday season. We understand that costs add up between airfare, transportation, gifts, and accommodation. The good news is that there are many low-cost and free activities that you may enjoy during the holiday season in Corvallis.

Corvallis and the surrounding areas are rich in natural beauty. Visit Corvallis Parks or plan to enjoy one of the many hikes near Corvallis if you wish to enjoy nature during the holidays.  A little fresh air and exercise will feel incredible after enjoying a few holiday treats!

Many Corvallis residents take pride in their home and community. Holiday lights and decorations are just one way they express the spirit of the season. During your visit, be sure to tour some of the Corvallis neighborhoods where residents pull out all the stops when it comes to holiday decoration. Chances are, your guest house may be close homes with tasteful festive decorations!

While you are in town, be sure to check out local events. The city of Corvallis usually offers a calm environment on Thanksgiving and Christmas since most students are away visiting their own families. However, community events offer festive livelihood. Some popular events include:

2. Enjoy Corvallis Fine Dining And Craft Beverages

You may have heard that Corvallis is a foodie’s paradise. Many of our restaurants provide high-quality, locally sourced meals at an affordable rate compared to larger cities.

We also are home to at least a half dozen craft beverage companies. You will find a delicious craft beverage whether you enjoy freshly roasted coffee, lovingly blended teas, creative cocktails, craft beer or regional wines.

Uber and Lyft offer affordable transportation if the holiday cheer prevents you from driving back to your guest house. Corvallis is small enough that you can easily walk, cycle, or ride the free city buses. Be sure and check holiday season schedules if you plan to travel by city bus or an airport shuttle.

3. Choose Cozy Accommodations

You create lasting memories when you visit family or friends over the holidays. Let’s make sure they are the right memories! Living out of a suitcase and being a house guest can be stressful. If you are like many people, you may be happiest if you have your own cozy, private place to retreat at the end of the day.

Instead of searching for hotels in Corvallis Oregon, consider finding a guest house for rent in Corvallis. When you stay in a bed and breakfast or guest house, you experience life in a real neighborhood.

Fernwood Circle Guest Houses provide upscale, comfortable accomodation in five Corvallis neighborhoods. Be sure to check out our locations, we think you will be delighted.

Book a cozy holiday home today to avoid disappointment!