Planning Your Visit to Corvallis This Fall!

Visiting Corvallis in fall is a delightful experience. Whether visiting the Oregon State University campus or the city of Corvallis, guests often ask, “what is there to do in Corvallis?”


Depending on your interests you can enjoy sports, outdoor recreation, arts, and more. Whether you are in town for a short visit or an extended stay, we hope these tips help you make the most of your trip to Corvallis, Oregon.


Beaver Football and Other Athletics

On Beaver football game days, Corvallis nearly doubles in size. The campus and nearby Monroe avenue have a distinct party vibe. If you are coming to Corvallis for an OSU football game, we hope the following tips help. Some also apply if you enjoy other university sports such as volleyball, gymnastics, wrestling, or basketball. 


Oregon State University announced that football will be open at full capacity! Individual game tickets are currently on sale and so are season tickets for fall sports including volleyball, gymnastics, and wrestling. Check the OSU Beavers ticketing website for details and current social distancing or masking requirements.


Parking is always a challenge during Beaver football games. Many fans stake out their parking spaces early and spend the day tailgating. People arriving at game time often find that every parking space within a 30-minute walk is taken. If you plan to drive to the game, plan ahead. Gameday parking spaces are for sale, according to the Oregon State Athletic Department, game day parking costs range from $15-40 cash, based on demand.


If you don’t want to deal with the hassles of game day parking, consider staying at a guest house or vacation rental that is within walking distance to Reser Stadium or near a shuttle stop. 


OSU Athletics usually offers a game-day with stops at six Corvallis locations, for details check their website. Uber and Lyft operate in Corvallis and often charge inflated surge time prices during the hours before and after Beaver football games.


Although gameday parking is especially challenging for home football games, other sporting events face a similar problem on a smaller scale so plan ahead.


Like other college towns, OSU has a strong tailgating tradition. If you plan to tailgate, read the guidelines to ensure a great day. If you are not parking on or near campus and still want to experience game day festivities, consider stopping by the Safeway Tailgate at Truax which is usually open three hours before kick-off until shortly after kick-off.


After the game, beaver fans often head to the restaurants and bars on Monroe Avenue and in downtown Corvallis. Bombs Away Cafe, American Dream Pizza, Clodfelter’s, and McMennimins are a few Monroe Avenue post-game favorites. 

Entrance Lumos Wine Co Tasting Room

Willamette Valley wineries typically offer a casual and friendly ambiance with incredible views! The views are lovely in the fall.

Other Fall Events in Corvallis and Nearby

In addition to sporting events, Corvallis is home to fall events. Given the unpredictability of public events over the past year, we recommend checking the Visit Corvallis event calendar since most local event planners list their events through them. 


Here are a few highlights to look for, please check each site for updates as cancelations and changes are common this year:

  • SeptemberFest: The Valley Homebrewers hosts a craft beer festival in Avery Park either in late August or September. (Cancelled in 2021)
  • Corvallis Fall Festival: The area’s longest-running arts festival in Central Park takes place in late September.
  • Shrewsbury Renaissance Faire: A renaissance fair that takes place each fall in Kings Valley near Philomath.
  • Downtown Wine Walk: Twice a year downtown Corvallis stores double as popup wine tasting venues. The wine walks happen during the fall and spring.
  • Corvallis Farmers Market: An outdoor farmers market that runs every Saturday from 9 am to 1 pm, mid-April through early November.
  • The Majestic Theatre, Whiteside Theatre, and OSU theatre all have shows running each season. Check their individual websites as they are easing back into live events after a year of virtual events.
  • Running Events: During the fall there are several 5k and 10k running events including the Corvallis Fall Festival Run, Turkey Trot, and others. The best ways to find them are to visit the Heart of the Valley Runners website and Visit Corvallis.
  • For non-athletic Oregon State University events, visit their calendar.


Outdoor Activities in Corvallis

The Willamette Valley typically enjoys a mild climate with a warm fall. Locals and visitors enjoy outdoor activity throughout the year with the exception of unusual weather conditions. Always check local listings.


Golfers who stay at one of Fernwood Circle Guest Houses’ vacation rentals have the opportunity to golf at the best golf course in Corvallis. Through an exclusive arrangement, our guests may golf at The Corvallis Club, contact Alexandra to make arrangements.


Hiking and cycling are among the most popular activities. Corvallis has an extensive network of multi-use bicycle paths, parks, and publically accessible natural spaces containing hiking and mountain biking trails. We previously published guides to hiking and bicycling in the Corvallis area. 


Wine tasting and visiting Willamette Valley vineyards are relaxing activities during the spring through fall seasons. The spectacular views and friendly atmosphere at local wineries are fun for all ages. Some wineries provide grape juice tastings for the kids and those who do not drink wine. During the warmer months, some allow guests to explore or bring a picnic. 

Golf course stunning sunset view at Corvallis Club

Stunning view golfing at the Corvallis Club! Fernwood Circle guests may play at the Corvallis Club as guests.

Dining Out

Corvallis area restaurants typically have a friendly, casual vibe. The Willamette Valley craft beverages industry is thriving so you may be able to find locally made microbrew beer, cider, and spirits. Many local favorites feature locally sourced ingredients.


While traveling with dietary needs is always challenging, most local restaurants offer vegetarian, or low carb options. We also recently published a guide to visiting Corvallis gluten free.



Downtown Corvallis has an eclectic collection of small independent boutiques, bookstores, and used record stores. We previously published a guide to some of the shops that offer a friendly and personal experience. 

When visiting Corvallis in fall, consider renting a premium guest house complete with its own backyard.[/caption]

Getting Around in Corvallis

Normally, driving and parking are a breeze in Corvallis. The exception is during large events like Beaver games when the town can double in size for the day. Here are other transportation options in case you would rather not deal with parking.


The Corvallis City Transit is free to use, climate-controlled, and generally comfortable. The schedule is somewhat limited with stops at major destinations every hour or thirty minutes depending on the location. Check their website or Google Maps to pre-plan your trip. If you are visiting a major employer like Hewlett-Packard, Samaritan Health Services, or the Oregon State University campus there are usually at least two routes that stop by your destination. 


Also, Oregon State University runs its own Beaver Bus campus shuttle to navigate around OSU’s campus free of charge. They plan to resume services on September 20, 2021.  


Uber and Lyft as well as local taxis are also available to call or through an app. OSU’s INTO created a good guide to local taxi services if you prefer to directly support local businesses rather than using rideshare apps.


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